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& the Just Do Jesus Mobile

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ISOMO Digital Promise MOOC Church is an on-line church. ISOMO will launch these two mobile apps in 2015.

A. ISOMO's "Just Do Jesus" mobile app empowers you to receive a $2,000 per month housing allowance &
B. ISOMO's "I Shall Lend" Mobile App empowers you to receive $4,000 per month base salary using an IPAD. 
Just Do Jesus Mobile & I Shall Lend Mobile Apps on IPADs as (Micro-Theaters).
This program will be launched in 50 state unemployment offices like a movie in a theater,  but to 50 mobile pads.
A. Just Do Jesus Mobile App pays you $2,000 per month housing allowance, once you qualify.
B. I Shall Lend Mobile App pays you a $4,000 per month base salary to to do Lendio loan apps.

The strategy is to prepare 50 Charter organizational leaders. These 50 will be provided the master state territory digital marketing rights to the ISOMO Digital Promise MOOC Church technology for their assigned state in exchange for only $1500 certification and $250 per month each. Each of the 50 initial leaders to share per profits of the distribution of the Just Do Jesus & I Shall Lend Mobile App & website ministry.

One mission objective is to empower the 50 to distribute our system to teach financial "truth" & re-replace jobs to people who have loss a job due to technology. 

Even some highly educated medical professionals are losing their jobs to technology. Seniors are not prepared for this rapidly changing technology revolution.

Each of the 50 will be able to re-sell to others the various rights to the program earning $2500 - $12,500 per person they enroll once we launch program in 2015.

The 1st 50 members who qualify are trained, certified & licensed to enjoy incomes for ministerial services. All 50 remain a member of their current local church.

Both the Just Do Jesus Mobile App & the I Shall Lend Mobile App will be launched.

ISOMO Digital Promise MOOC Church Founder-Pastor Simms clearly recognizes that homes do not run on tithes & offering paid to churches. Homes do not run on tuition paid to schools, colleges or universities. Homes do not run on taxes paid to governments. Homes do not run on interest paid to banks.  

Homes run on income paid to homes. Only then can a home prosper, be in health even as it soul prospers. ISOMO Church provides 7 incomes to leaders.

ISOMO Digital Promise MOOC church will train, certify & staff 50 ISOMO leaders to trainon-line & provide jobs.

ISOMO will use social media & digital training and on-line evangelism jobs to pay members nationally beginning with a $2,000 per month housing allowancd. 

ISOMO Digital Promise MOOC Church's 

JUST Do Jesus Mobile App provides $2,000 per month housing allowance to provide fiances for you to re-train the energy industry.  

MOOC on-line training empowers our small church to pay members to do Matt: 28:19 to "go ye therefore, teach all nations, teach them to observe all things" 
ISOMO Digital Promise MOOC Church holds 1 hour prayer & principle sessions here. But our full-time ministry operates our on-line church job ministry from E-Center @ JSU.
 These Financial "Truths" Are preached by ISOMO members on-line from to homes?

Jesus taught a lot of his parables about the truth of money. But today, most insurance, tax and investment agents or reps do not have the confidence to teach the truth about family & 3 financial products. (1) Older Life Insurance policies (2) The underfunded mutual fund (3) The Home Mortgage. People need alternatives.


Truth: A Family pays too much in taxes\student loans.  Truth: Invest in Stock of your own C-Corp is best   Truth: A deed to your home is better than the tax breaks.

Truth: Newer life insurance pay while you are alive.      Truth: The income advanges of a C-Corp is better. Truth: hard to save enough in 401k to pay a mortgage.

The truth: It is easier to be earn an evangelism income, before you  get a formal education & Duet 15:6 "you shall lend". Commercial lending incomes are large.

Our church programs use the pools, rules & tools billionaires use to empower 50 members to train others in 8 asset categories of their body, businesses & ministry to earn Robotic Incomes.


When you use the rules & tools of billionaires, your income strategies are potent. Robotic income is when you earn income from protected sales territory rights.  One example is when you use some retirement account money to buy territory rights to the Just Do Jesus Mobile App Program for you to pay your home off fast. Your donation empowers you to share income generated in a state territory from Just Do Jesus Mobile App's $2,000 per month housing allowance program sales.

Historically churches are founded to address a problem Biblically in society. Most churches are  small, with less than 100 members. So the traditional church does not generate enough income to pay a salary to the average of 6 associate ministers, evangelists or other non-pastor "ministers" who assist in the ministry too. ISOMO Digital Promise MOOC was founded to empower not only ministers, but all heads of household, who qualify on-line to be paid an ISOMO base salary.

The base salary will be paid by ISOMO for you or them to work full-time at their current local church and\or in whatever business or ministry GOD call them to do.

A job is like a pogo stick income.   In addition to your job, ISOMO Digital Promise Mooc Church empowers you to earn 8 legs of non-labor incomes.


A pogo stick is only 1 shaky leg of income. ISOMO Digital Promise MOOC Church empowers you to receive 8 legs of non-pogo stick of ISOMO Managed income.

After 25 years of serious research and development in the multiple industries of the gospel, technologies, education, financial services, finance & media sectors, MOOC Pastor K. Alan Simms founded ISOMO Digital Promise Church for the purpose of delivering a 8 legged structure of Bible based incomes to your homes.

To do this, ISOMO staff developed two mobile apps called JUST DO JESUS and I Shall Lend. Both mobile apps will be delivered directly to IPADS and mobile phones to provide 8 legs of non-pogo stick based incomes to you on your own personalized replicating ministry website for each member of our organization.

James 1:27 "Pure religion and undefiled before the LORD is to visit the widows & fatherless in their affliction. The Loss of an income is a serious affliction to visit.  

The loss of an income is a serious affliction. 

Digital Solutions: MOOC Pastor K. Alan Simms demonstrates through the Just Do Jesus Mobile app and I Shall Lend Mobile App Programs to be outlined in this website that there is no unemployment in the church. Jesus said "the harvest is plentiful, the laborers are few. Pray to the Lord to send laborers into the harvest".  1 Timothy 5:18B "The laborer deserves his pay". 

Technology is eliminating jobs for so many people. Therefore, in response to this reality, ISOMO Digital Promise MOOC Church will train, certify and pay solid salaries and bonus incomes to any member who completes our proprietary on-line training programs to be able to do these things:does these 4 things.

(A). Evangelism: - "do the work of an evangelist" (on-line) according to 2 Timothy 4:5. 

(B)  Lending: - Offering to clients ISOMO Bible Consulting Strategies in providing lending to clients from the top 36 banks in the world to clients. 

(C) Government Contract Consulting - Jesus said, make to yourself "rich friends".

(D) Training: Optional Oil & gas industry proprietary on-line training programs: 3 John 1:3 I  would that you prosper, 

The Biblical Command to pay you for doing A, B, C & & D Above". 1 Corinthians 9:14 - "Even so the LORD "Ordained" or (commanded) that they who proclaim gospel, should be paid for it". - "I.S.O.M.O." = empowers members to declare  "I Stand OMOrdination" - I share GOD Word. GOD pays me to do it.

Oil and Gas Industry on-line workforce development training or staffing at unemployment offices will provide to you just one of your legs of ISOMO Velvet Couch Income.


ISOMO Digital leaders learn to be positioned to receive a 8 legged stool of incomes by doing in a practical & profitable way 6 Bible functions digitally for church:

Function 1: Acts 20:20-27 - "Declare profitably GOD Counsel" -  Function 2:-  2 Tim 4:5 "Do the work of an evangelist". - Function 3:- 1 Tim 5:17 - "Labour in the Word and doctrine ".

Function 4:- 2 Tim 2:15-18 -  "Study... approved unto GOD......" - Function 5:- Duet 15:6 "Lend Unto Many Nations..". - Function 6:- 2 Tim :2:2  "Commit 6 functions to faithful men".

MOOC = Massive Open On-line Course - ISOMO Digital Promise MOOC Church to train 50 leaders to be on-line Consultants to 50 state unemployment offices.

50 members to train @ E-Center to offer on-line training to people @ 1 of 50 state unemployment offices & to acquire government contracts & grants. 


The 50 leaders trained to empower others in government relationship training to federal agencies\state unemployment offices from Mississippi E-Center @ JSU. 

1. earn $2,000 per month housing allowances (If they successfully complete our on-line "JUSTDOJESUS" replicating ministry lab website & mobile app).

2. earn $2500 honoriums per client served (If they enroll members in our ISOMO PRIME Platform 8 Capital Structures Program @ $12,500 consultant fees).

3. earn $4,000 per month base salary to work full-time in the ministry GOD called you to do (If  you complete our "Just Do Jesus" On-line Program).

James 1:27 "Pure religion and undefile before the LORD is to visit the widows and fatherless in their affliction. The Loss of an income is a serious affliction to visit.
1 Corinth 9:14: ISOMO means "I Stand On My Ordination" It is ordained that they that preach the gospel, make their living from the gospel they preach".
ISOMO Digital Promise MOOC Church to be global ministry headquarters. We license heads of households as Just Do Jesus Mobile app family ministers.
ISOMO means "I Share On My Own". Just share on-line
the $2,000 per month "Just Do Jesus Mobile App" housing allowance program with all family, friends, associates on-line globally.
50 Jackson leaders assigned to one unemployment office per state.
50 members to train @ to offer on-line training to people @ 1 of 50 state unemployment offices & to acquire government contracts & grants. 


The 50 leaders trained to empower others in government relationship training to federal agencies\state unemployment offices.

The Bible @ 3 John 1:3 "Beloved, I wish above all things that you prosper, be in health, even as your soul prospers".  
Call MOOC Pastor Simms @ 404-990-1999 to set an appointment to come to see if any of the 50 positions are still left.  

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