ISOMO Digital MOOC Church
MOOC to 6000 IPAD agents

ISOMO 6,000 in-home sales agents on IPAD's will be our church's

MOOC To Boots Consultants.

Beloved, I wish above all things 


that you prosper, be in health even as your soul prospers.

A MOOC is a Massive Open On-line Course empowering sales agents (boots) to help clients in homes.

ISOMO MOOC Church will begin paying sales agents $2,000 per month housing allowance and $4,000 per month salaries to assist clients in their homes.

The video below is part of our Church's MOOC programs (Massive Open On-line Courses)

Coming SOON!

MOOC to BOOTS Program

September 24, 2014 

ISOMO pays $2,000 - $6,000 per month housing allowances to our National Marketing Team of 6,000 IPAD Reps who promote our firms. 
ISOMO Digital Group distributes MOOC training &
on the boots on the ground promotions to one agent in each school district:
1 insurance\lending agent on IPAD in homes in 120 school districts x 50 states also promotes our selected ISOMO firm. 
 (1) Just Do Jesus $6,000 per month base salary Mobile App  (2). I Shall Lend Mobile App. 
ISOMO Biotechnology message will be delivered to 1 agent @ 120 school districts in 50 states = 6,000 agents:
All on ISOMO Mobile Apps distributed directly from Atlanta to IPADS to 6,000 ISOMO "micro-theaters".
Just Do Jesus Mobile & I Shall Lend Mobile App (Micro-Theaters).
The Just Do Jesus & I Shall Lend Mobile App Combo will promote a Black female lead Biotechnology firm and an African American Sports Media App Heckler Sports.
Using MOOCS & social media our 6,000 agents promote & fund firms. We repeat, Please join us!
This will be the world's 1st MOOC African American on-line church promoting lending, wealth, health & wellness as well as sports "smack talking" globally.

Let's keep this real simple. ISOMO will contract 120 agents in each of 50 states to sell lending products. Only one MD in each of the 50 states will lead out. 

ISOMO owns a lending firm. It represents top lenders. A MD refers his insurance agent to us. The agent does a $30 million loan. Commission pay MD Home off.   

The agent assigned to MD is contracted by ISOMO's Lending firm to work to receive from PRU\Wells Fargo up to $300,000 in lending commissions to give to pay off the MD's Home in 3 years.
We ask the MD to donate $50,000 to both open an ISOMO lending office in 1 of 50 states and to establish our Biotechnology firm funded by lending income led by a black female scientist.

ISOMO MOOC Church owns 4 entities to fund medical & biotechnology global missions: 

(1) A commercial lending firm. (2) HGI Insurance Agency   (3) Fall 2014 ISOMO medical bank.  (4) Winter 2014 ISOMO Biotechnology Firm funded by $50,000 from 1 MD in each of 50 states.
ISOMO Global Commercial Lending Group's medical finance team empowers 1 state agent to earn $300,000 of lending commission income per their state in medical commercial lending commissions from designated transactions in 3 years to 1 MD per state who donates $50,000 to support our ISOMO biotech firm.



What's A MOOC? It is a Massive Open On-line Course such as:

"How to prosper earning $300,000 in a combined lending & be in health passive business".
ISOMO Digital Group HQ is a Digital Financial Agency & A Biotech Firm. We provide MOOC & Digital Training to agents to sell lending & biotech disease prevention on IPADs.
* We provide * $2,000 per month housing allowances to our members who qualify in Just Do Jesus Mobile App Program by enrolling 12 members to study Bible on-line.
* Our chosen members, on $6,000 per month salary @ ISOMO Lending, gives $300,000 to 1 MD to pay off their mortgage in 3 yrs, who donates $50,000 to our biotech firm. 
* We pay $12,500 sales commissions to all certified, financial services reps within 5 days upon receipt of $50,000 donations to ISOMO Biotechnology Firm.
* We offer a $6,000 per month church salary for digital promotion of our BIOTECH firm to MLM, insurance, real estate & lending agents using our I Shall Lend Mobile Apps
* We provide an office, training, $6,000 per month salary to MLM, insurance & other agents to promote BIOTECH firm, MOOC, digital training & sell digital lending products.


The agent assigned to MD is contracted by ISOMO's Lending firm to work to earn from PRU\Wells Fargo up to $300,000 in lending commissions to give to pay off the MD's Home in 3 years.
Again, why don't we just give the $300,000 lending commissions directly to the ISOMO Biotechnology Firm rather to a MD? We will. Again, after the first 3 years. 
But to launch company now, we seek MD donations in exchange for commissions. We will continue to fund Biotechnology Firm with future lending commissions. 
ISOMO members share up to $300,000 of earned medical commercial lending commission income with 3 groups.  

(1) $300,000 to 1 sponsoring Medical Doctor (MD\PHD) per state (only 1 MD\PHD) paid this large amount once per state).
(2) $300,000 to 1 managing agent per state (only 1 life & health insurance agent paid this large amount per state).  
(3) $12,500 upfront and $6,000 per month base salaries to 1 certified agent in each of 120 school districts per state.
1 MD & 1 Agent funds Biotech firm from the 50 states. Using MOOC, we train to lend 1 agent in 120 school districts.
120 agents x 50 states = 6,000 insurance agents on IPADs promoting Biotechnology with teachers & parents.

Using A MOOC, ISOMO will pay an army of 6,000 insurance agents $12,500 one time to learn how to sell our home mortgage alternative.  

  Step One: An Agent earns $12,500 on 1 client. A Client's $50,000 pays off a $300,000 mortgage in 3 years.

Step Two: The Agent goes into his files in 1 of 120 school districts to sell our student loan elimination program.

The agent sells 12 of his clients to earn $2,000 per month housing allowance from church helping students get out of debt too. 

The 12 clients of the agent will be also entered into (JDJ) Just Do Jesus Mobile App based ASAP Program (As Soon As Possible). Our church will pay his 12 clients $2,000 per month housing allowance as well to pay their home mortgage payment, once they qualify on JDJ Mobile app). 

ISOMO Digital Promise MOOC Church has entered into the lending solution business. Using a MOOC (Massive Open On-line Course) our church will train people in fulfilling Duet 15:6 "You shall Lend Unto Many Nations".  

To do this, we will offer real mortgage payment and pay-off solutions as well as various business capital solutions to our church members. We will fund the ISOMO Digital Promise MOOC Church Biotech Firm (details later) by earning commission and ministry income by offering to 120 agents per 50 states = 6,000 agent - members working on IPADS nationally the following three basis mortgage payment, mortgage pay-off and\or business solutions and capitalization using two ISOMO Mobile Apps. 


Mortgage Problem #1. The Interest on Monthly Mortgage Payment.

1. The 80%+ interest rate on your monthly mortgage payment is much higher than any rate of return on any investment account. So pay off the mortgage ASAP.
What sense does it make to pay $1297 mortgage payment & only get credit for only $177.09. That's 80% per month in interest payments. Worse than pawn shop. The amortization Schedule is used by all banks. There is no escaping this schedule. So just pay us to do large enough lending commissions to pay mortgage off.

ISOMO Mortgage Monthly Payment Solution # 1. Church paid housing allowance.

ISOMO MOOC Church can train, certify & staff you to earn a $2,000 per month housing allowance. When? (ASAP). 


Imagine: 3 Year old kids earning on their IPAD based Digital Missionary jobs

$2,000 per month salaries paid by ISOMO Digital Promise MOOC Church.

The salary paid by church for them studying MOOC Videos on Bible lessons & passing exams.

All they have to do for their salary is Just Do Jesus. Jesus enrolled 12 Apostles. The kids must simply enroll 12 other kids to join ISOMO.

Introducing the JUST Do Jesus Mobile App. Coming soon on September 24, 2014.  Preview now @ JDJ APP

Providing digital job creation for our youngest kids is just one simple ISOMO re-design & merger of the church, financial, financing, health & wellness systems. 


When the Macro-wisdom of the universe is applied to economic & health systems that respect the Micro-wisdom of the human body, then health\money grows. 


The universe operates with very structured circulatory system. The Body lives on tree dependent oxygen, respiratory & circulatory systems that feeds every  cell.


The ISOMO Family will consistly merge Biotechnology & Economics principles in a way that circulates money to provide IPAD based incomes to 3 year old (cells) 


The ISOMO Family Believes that money should circulate constantly to everyone like blood, even to always distribute jobs\income to 3 year olds (daughter cells).

The ISOMO Family's Biotechnology? The body's circulatory system is the principles used in ISOMO's new economic system that provides income to everyone.


MOOC: Re-think Faith, Finance & Fitness.

2 verses: Duet 15:6 "You Shall Lend Unto Many Nations"3 John 3:1 "above all things, that you prosper, be in health, even as your soul prospers"

If you are a medical doctor (MD), please stop & take time to read whole website. We provide $300,000 to only 1 MD per state who supports biotech firm's launch.
The $300,000 is used to pay off\down mortgage of 1 MD per state. It comes from commercial lending commissions paid by Wells Fargo or Prudential to others. MD must donate $50,000 to ISOMO Church to help ISOMO establish one of the first Biotech Firm owned by a black female to research & prevent disease.

1 MD Agent per state pay off mortgages. One agent\digital missionary uses lending commissions in 120 school districts per state to pays off student loan debts.


We ask 1 MD & his agent to be prepared to digital earn income off 120 ISOMO Digital Promise agents in 120 school districts per state to pay off student's debt.

ISOMO members will give $300,000 in 3 years of commercial lending commissions to pay off or modify the mortgage loan balance of one MD per state who donates $50,000 to our ISOMO Digital Promise MOOC Church sponsored Biotechnology firm today. One of the first to be lead by a black female scientist. 


Also, there are not many Biotechnology Firms owned by a black female. ISOMO MOOC Church members earn lending commissions to start one MOOC to IPAD. 

Our church will also distribute disease prevention programs to earn money and more lending products on an IPAD & ISOMO mobile app @ I SHALL LEND. 

Once you qualify, our church will pay your monthly mortgage payment (housing allowance for digital Missionaries) up to $2,000 each month. Again, when ASAP? (As soon as possible). You can earn this $2,000 housing allowance tax-free while you are calmly waiting the 3-year period for your paid off mortgage deed is actually put in your hand. This program to be introduced in September 2014 only to people who are (free-will tithe) paying members of ISOMO. 



Few blacks own Biotechnology firms. So ISOMO Digital Promise Church will use MOOCs to fund a Biotechnology firm headed by a black, female scientist.

ISOMO MOOC Church believes the wisdom in Biotechnology must be the basis of an ISOMO re-engineered church led debt elimination & job creation system.


In these 50 states x 120 agents on IPAD = the 6,000 agents will be paid a base salary by our church, once they qualify in our ISOMO MOOC to Mobile App Program (details later). From their IPADs the 6,000 agents will begin using mobile apps, social media and MOOCs to promote not only insurance, but also our lending training program and most importantly the critical message of our Biotechnoly firm. It covers disease prevention awareness in area of diabetes, cancer, stroke, high blood pressure, as well as healthy living. John 3:12, Prosper, be in health, even as soul prospers"

An overview introduction and\or overview of our current ISOMO facilities. 

1. ISOMO Atlanta Headquarters (Grand opening is on September 2014).          HQ to contract 4 vendors @ $150,000 each to receive sales commissions on 6,000 agents from products sales. Vendor income? @ 6,000 x $50 per mo = $300,000 month. Atlanta's ISOMO Digital Promise MOOC Church HQ trains agents on IPADs to direct client's 401k, IRA, 403B to earn $300,000 in lending commissions to pay client's mortgage off in 3 years.       

Pastor K. Alan Simms uses MOOCS & 18 digital tools to teach agents underfunded retirement strategies to use large lending commissions to pay off client's home mortgages.
ATL is home to ISOMO Lending & Biotechnology Firm dedicated to research & development of diagnostic tools & promotion of disease prevention using Social Media globally. 
The Atlanta headquarters is currently in the process of opening one ISOMO Digital Promise MOOC Church owned & operated commercial lending office in each of 50 states. 

 Our proto-type New Orleans Office below is where we will hold our MD seminar June 22nd, 2014 to certify 1 MD\PHD per state.

Our New Orleans Office is open, staffed & ready to sell to a MD donor for $50,000 & $350 per month shared staffing fees to earn $300,000 commissions.

New Orleans Office is a beautiful complex on 12 Floor on Lake Pontratrain services clients in digital training, lending, tax planning & more for State of Lousiana. 
Dr. Patricia B. Robertson, Certified Investment Banker\commercial lending financer lead clients in strategic income tax planning & MOOC Learning Technologies.
ISOMO Digital Group CFO, a digital learning consultant, multi-disciplinarian, offers panaromic job consulting in insurance, investment, real estate, mortgages too. 

2a. ISOMO Jackson Office @ our Mississippi State Territory.

This office territory is up, staffed and is ready for a $50,000 purchaser.

Inventory: Our Jackson Office @ the Mississippi State Territory Office - Opened, staffed & ready for sale to an investor for $50,000 to earn $300,000 in 3 years.

ISOMO On-Deck Lending Capital Proto-type office @ Jackson provides lending solutions to clients & school district sales training to IPAD based MS agents.


Click here now to see how banks will send all their smaller business loans to your office in each state & how ISOMO fills up offices with agents to do your loans.

ISOMO Digital Group provides the agent $6,000 salary per month, a prestigious office, professional reception services & on-going local digital training from ATL.


Inventory: Our Nashville Office is open, staffed & ready to sell to an investor for $50,000 and $350 per month shared staffing fees to earn $300,000 commissions.


2b. ISOMO JSU Campus Student Loan Pay-Off Proto-type.

This office territory is up, staffed and is ready for a $50,000 purchaser.

Marissa Simms @ age 24 earned $104,000 on Instagram from campus. Her sister, Carmena earned $102,000 @ age 19 in 2002. Both credit parent's examples.


Marissa was awarded the 2014 Small Business Administration (SBA) young entreprenuer of the year.  This trio will lead Biotech disease prevention on 3,000 campuses. Marissa and her mom, Camille Simms are a motivating force to be dealt with on the HBCU University Campus of Jackson State University. Mairssa states clearly that her goal is to be a media mogul. Well with her proven entrepreneurial track record, she definitely will inspire young people to to create their own jobs, when coming out of school. In her personal case, while still in college. Marissa second business with her mother is the ISOMO Digital Group commercial lending office office in Jackson. This office empowers students & parents to work together to eliminate student loans in a family owned business, like Marissa & her parents do.

Marissa's Royal Bleau Boutique on the campus of Jackson State University is a definite fashion trend setter. Once her savvyness for technology driven income ($201,000) last year, converges with fashion. What trail blazing instagram marketing skills will be her next move? Tech meets fashion, possibly as an IWatch!


Marissa's Royal Bleau Brand will lead a movement of youth on IPADS in schools to MOOC to IWatch & fashion to disease prevention & IPAD based lending jobs. 


Marissa knows IPADs not only entertain youth, but an ISOMO IPAD can employ children at age 3. She will lead youth & parents to biotechnology & green jobs. 

Marissa on JSU campus earned $100,000+ on Instagram. She wants youth\their parents to get business loans from her & mom to build on-line their dreams too. The ISOMO Just Do Jesus App will empower our young people to be employed as young as 3 years old according to income distribution ages in the Bible.

ISOMO Digital Promise MOOC Church is dedicated to bringing capital, technology & distribution to families to prosper, be in health, even as their soul prospers.

ISOMO Digital Group's mission is to provide capital, technology and distribution to our clients.


ISOMO Digital Group provides the agent $6,000 salary per month, a prestigious office, professional reception services & on-going local digital training from ATL.

3. ISOMO Nashville Office @ now open in Tennessee Territory.

This office territory is up, staffed and it is ready for a $50,000 purchaser.

What is ISOMO Digital Promise MOOC Church?

ISOMO stands for I Stand OMOwn. Digital Promise is our global reach. MOOC is Massive Open On-line Course. 
A MOOC empowers members to earn $300,000 lending commissions to fund our health & wellness global missions. 

ISOMO church also open the vaults of a tithe-type system on-line to fund a mobile pad based job creation system using MOOC to Mobile App technologies.

We'll also open vaults of retirement money in 401k, IRA, tuition, taxes, tithes & offering to circulate thru the church to fund a black female led Biotechnology Firm!


ISOMO will fund an army of 6,000 digital missionaries (church=woman) to embrace technology using a MOOC to Mobile Apps strategy outlined in this website. 

What Financial Solutions Are Offered by ISOMO 6,000 agents to Homes?

Jesus taught a lot of his parables about the truth of money. But today, most insurance, tax and investment agents or reps do not have the confidence to teach the truth about family & 3 financial products. (1) Older Life Insurance policies (2) The underfunded mutual fund (3) The Home Mortgage. People need alternatives.


Truth: A Family pays too much in taxes\student loans.  Truth: Invest in Stock of your own C-Corp is best   Truth: A deed to your home is better than the tax breaks.

Truth: Newer life insurance pay while you are alive.      Truth: The income advanges of a C-Corp is better. Truth: hard to save enough in 401k to pay a mortgage.

These two will lead the national missionary movement to help families build strong financial & financing strategies for their homes. 
ISOMO Digital Promise MOOC Co-founder\Pastor and Co-founder\Christian Education Director Patricia Robertson PHD, both investment bankers united to fund ISOMO Biotechnology firm. This team has developed a proprietary upfront & on-going capital raising strategy for financing promoting healthy lifestyles that re-directs 7 pools of  trillion dollars of  capital to staff churches.
Their MOOC program on food, pools, rules & tools billionaires empowers professionals to receive Robotic incomes from all 8 asset categories in their body, businesses and personal lives.

When you apply the rules & tools of billionaires, your strategies are more potent. Robotic income is when, for fees, you hire professionals to sell products for you. One example is when you use your retirement account money to hire professionals to do very lucrative commercial lending transactions for you to pay home off.

It takes $2.4 million in the bank @ 1% interest paid by bank to you to earn $2,000 per month FDIC safe retirement income! Do you have $2.4 million saved yet? If not, when will your 401k\IRA account be $2.4 million?  

If you now have it or will have $2.4 million saved, can you live off only $2,000 per month? If not, you need $4 million+

It is much more realistic for most people to use their savings to pay off their mortgage, than try saving $2.4 million.

Truth: Best Use Of A Underfunded Retirement Account?

Can your insurance agent, tax or investment broker offer you a plan to pay off up to a $300,000 home mortgage in 3 years with only $50,000? 
Our agents can. We move $50,000 of your retirement funds into your C-Corp. ISOMO contracts agent to generate lending income to pay off your home in 3 yrs.   
If you do not have $2 - $3 million in your retirement account or never will, then call your agent. ISOMO empower your agent to get deed to your home in 3 years. 
Every agent should tell their clients in America firmly what to do with their severly underfunded retirement account;
Move These into This Type Retirement Account to pay off your home.

Investing in 401k stocks is not as profitable as investing in your own C-Corporation Stocks. Your Corp can receive lending income to pay off your mortgage. $50,000 or less accounts will never retire you. But $50,000 is enough to receive managed lending commissions up to $300,000 to pay your home off in 3 years.

In a worse case scenario, if your house is paid off before or during retirement, you can still survive on only a social security check, if that became necessary.

This army of salaried digital missionaries will work full-time to pump new cells of wisdom of sharing funds (blood) that circulate through taxes, financial and financing products in a way that yields to the principles in the body's tree dependent oxygen, respiratory & circulatory system. Biotechnology applied to finances.

Learn how we teach you to earn $300,000 on a single commercial lending transaction on-line? View this video first! Understand it well. Then call 404-990-1999.

Welcome to our ISOMO Digital Promise MOOC Church Website

"ISOMO" means "I Share OMOwn". A "MOOC" is a Massive Open On-line Course. It is used to train\re-tool members, sales agents & digital missionaries to fulfill Duet 15:6, "You shall lend unto many nations". "Digital Promise" is for our church and it's sponsored Biotechnology Firm's global reach. Both are designed to work together to assist us all in "re-thinking" the entire education, economic, student loan, mortgage financing, life insurance, health insurance, health & wellness as well as evangelistic processes that deliver solutions to people. Today, we have both MOOCs and mobile apps on IPADS. It's time to re-think some things.

Take Time To Understand A MOOC!

If you're a MD or PHD, an agent can earn 

for you $300,000 to modify, reduce or pay off your home mortgage in 3 yrs!

(Re-think fast, only 1 MD\PHD per state)

Edx is 1 of many MOOCs. It is featured at ISOMO Digital Promise MOOC Church's Biotechnology & Proto-type Facility in New Orleans. Once you come to New Orleans proto-type office, you can be empowered to have ISOMO agent members give $300,000 to you to pay on\off your home mortgage in 3 years. These funds will be paid by PRU\Wells Fargo to be used to modify, reduce and\or pay off your home mortgage.

ISOMO Program Overview 

In 3 years, our church pledges 1 agent's professional services to the MD by refinancing 1 medical commercial building to give $300,000 to pay the MD's home off.


One MD's $50,000 donation per State x 50 states = $2.5 million generated to fund launching ISOMO Biotechnology Firm today.
1 of our MOOC church's missions is to fund, staff & promote 1 of the 1st Biotechnology firms headed by a black female in the US: 

ISOMO pledges to pay off or reduce the home mortgage up to $300,000 of 1 MD per state by refinancing commissions of medical facilities in a state in 3 years.

ISOMO Digital MOOC Church is assigning to one MD one of church's lending agents to give to pay off the MD's home up to $300,000 in lending commissions from 1 of 50 states. 
The agent assigned to MD is contracted by ISOMO's Lending firm to work to receive from PRU\Wells Fargo up to $300,000 in lending commissions to give to pay off the MD's Home in 3 years. 
Why? In exchange for a $50,000 donation to church, the ISOMO Commercial Lending Group's church members have agreed to work for 3 years on a $6,000 per month church staff, once they qualify. While on a base salary, our members will generate and then pledge to give up to $300,000 of their generated commissions from their professional lending services to ISOMO's lending firm the medical commercial lending commissions earned in their state. These commissions will pay up to $300,000 on 1 of the 50 supporting MD's home mortgage balance per state. Why a $50,000 a donation?

Our church set a $2.5 million fundraising goal for our BIOTECHNOLOGY Global Missions Budget!

(Our MOOC Church's Fund-raising goal is a $50,000 donation x 1 MD per state x 50 states is $2.5 million we are now raising for our church global missions). 
It's not a new things for church members to offer free services to give to a church missions budgets. But washing cars with kids won't fund a Biotech Firm mission. 
The pledging of $300,000 of lending commissions by our church members will be generated to accelerate the acquisition of a deed for a MD's home in exchange for the MD providing a $50,000 donation to the ISOMO Biotechnology Firm now. 
ISOMO Biotechnology & Diagnostic Institute Founder is a vision supporter of the American Center for Cures @ National Institute of Health.
Diagnostics: Proverb says "Be thou dilligent to know the state of thou flock and condition of your herd".  
The sooner you can detect a disease in the human body, the easier it is to treat, cure or avoid its later term complications. Biotechnology is the use of living systems and organisms as the base to develop or make useful products or diagnostic tools. ISOM Digital Promise MOOC On-line church members recognize that the consumer financial products, medicine, biotechnology, automotive and even in the commercial financing industries all use diagnostic tools to deliver their respective solutions to the people or elements that they each service. For example, ISOMO will also use diagnostics techniques to eliminate the MDs mortgages.
Why MD? Your 1st church is your body. God created the body. Your body is the temple of spirit of GOD in you. God & Physicians help bodies to heal.
A physician wrote the gospel of Luke in the Bible to get his version of the life of Jesus Christ out. ISOMO Digital Promise MOOC Church is seeking only 1 MD per state to give $300,000 to get the story out on our debt-free founding of our Biotecnology firm, using our powerful MOOC to Mobile Mobile app program in 1 of 50 states.
A MOOC is a Massive Open On-line Course. Our Biotechnology firm's founders will launch a powerful MOOC to Mobile App training program in disease prevention in 2014.

A Recap On Just How A MD Earns $300,000 in simple terms!

ISOMO church uses a MOOC to teach our members how to earn $300,000 on 1 lending transaction.  

Why? Duet 15:6 states "You Shall Lend Unto Many Nations"
Why Right Now? $1.4 trillion of commercial & medical buildings must be refinanced from 2014-2018.
The commissions earned? It usually is at least 1% of the amount of the loan being refinanced by ISOMO's banks. 
ISOMO Global Commercial Lending Group is paid $300,000 commissions by Prudential or Wells Fargo for 1 healthcare\medical commercial loan transaction.
ISOMO receives 1% commissions on a $30 million commercial lending transactions from Prudential\Wells Fargo\45 others = a $300,000 income.
$1.4 trillion of commercial loans must be refinanced 2014 - 2018 in all 50 states. Click here for proof.


Think! For example when an ISOMO member is trained & certified and staffed on a ISOMO church job. Our church pays you a $6,000 per month base salary.  You can also learn to refinance a large commercial or medical building loan for $30 million x a 1% commission rate = a $300,000 in lending commission income. The lending commissions are paid to our trained ISOMO member by Wells Fargo, PRU or 45 other top lenders @ ISOMO Global Lending Group. 

This $300,000 lending transaction income can pay off a $300,000 home mortgage or empower you to simply & quickly pay $300,000 cash for a new $300,000 home. Right?

ISOMO MOOC Tools (Massive Open on-line Courses) to train members nationally on IPADS how to do one large $30 million loan as well as many of the these small type of on-line business credit & lending products too in videos.

The Big Question!

Would you like to earn $300,000 on 1 lending transaction?

Duet 15:6 "You Shall Lend Unto Many Nations". ISOMO MOOC church will train on IPADS 120 members in all 50 states = 6,000 members how to earn $300,000 on 1 lending transaction. 

ISOMO Digital Promise MOOC Church will train 120 of our members in each state to do lending on-line on IPADS
to market our 45+ commercial lenders many products in each of the 50 states. How to begin in each state?
1 MD per state contacts his insurance agent  & refers agent to ISOMO to earn commissions  to pay MD home off.
The agent assigned to MD is contracted by ISOMO's Lending firm to work to earn from PRU\Wells Fargo up to $300,000 in lending commissions to give to pay off the MD's Home in 3 years.


The $50,000 minus sales commissions of $12,500 will be used to fund the ISOMO Digital Group National Headquarters. Our church pays staff in 50 state offices.
A salaried ISOMO church staff member will complete one $30 million commercial loan transaction in the MD assigned state within 3 years to generate $300,000.
ISOMO MOOC & Digital learning programs re-tool insurance agents to sell lending products delivered to agents & to promote our Biotech firm on mobile apps.
To qualify church members up to $6,000 base salaries is mobile app (1) & to qualify professionals for salaries is (2). 


ISOMO contracts 1 managing agent per 50\MDs states x 120 agents per state = 6,000 agents on IPADS = disease prevention programs in 6,000 school districts. ISOMO provides up to $12,500 commissions to each of the 6,000 agents nationally to begin offering ISOMO Digital Lending Programs to their current clients. ISOMO provides to agents an opportunity to qualify for a $2,000 per month housing allowance & $4,000 base salary to work as Digital Missionaries = $6,000 mo.

Warning! Do not enroll directly in Lendio or Ondeck or you will be disqualified from $6,000 mo salary. ISOMO enrolls agents to market these lending products.

A MOOC quickly re-trains all agents to offer Lendio, ON Deck & 45 ISOMO on-line medical & commercial lending firms. Commissions paid to agent once trained. One of our programs empowers Medical doctors to receive up to $300,000 to pay off their home mortgage for only a $50,000 donation to ISOMO Biotech Firm. If MD earns $12,500 per MD he refers x 12 = $150,000 paid to  MD. It can be generated by the MD who successfully refers 12 other MDs who enroll in program.


Atlanta's ISOMO Digital Group HQ to use MOOC to Mobile App tools to put skills sets in members heads that focus on circulating money & good health as well.


ISOMO headquarters utilizes potent digital training tools to circulate wisdom to members heads & hands to war & fingers to fight by implanting financial skill-sets.

ISOMO Headquarters will use the most potent social media platforms, along with mobile devices based IPADS to induce engagement by gamification strategies. 


ISOMO Atlanta based Headquarters must deploy our youth & seniors on phones to use MOOCS technology to begin to empower agents to train homes globally.

The ISOMO Digital Promise MOOC Church & Biotechnology Firm will facilitate circulating to all not just medicine & sickness maintenence, but search for cures. 


ISOMO Digital Promise MOOC Church recognizes that many returning Veterans need to be re-tooled and our MOOC training to Mobile App digital jobs will help.

Our founder deeply belief we must re-think how we support Veterans, youth employment, church and non-profit employess. We must re-think circulating capital.

Re-thinking is a very good thing!

ISOMO's MOOC to Mobile App technology rethinks how tithes, offerings, mortgages, insurance, tuition, donations & investments circulate to who, why & when.

For instance, this video isn't about ISOMO Digital Promise Church or a Biotechnology Firm. View it. Just "re-think" sales agents. The Wall St's road into homes.


Re-think roads. Re-think what "roads"?  Roads financial\lending products travel on to a business\a home?  The insurance\lending agents on IPADS.

Duet 15:6 states "You shall lend unto many nations". International Lending is a Bible principle we can re-think as well on how to eliminate debt with this verse.

Re-think agents. Can an agent show you how to pay off a $300,000 mortgage with $50,000? Re-think what roles a financial or financing agent plays.

But also Re-think education with a MOOC. The road to thinking. Re-think Church. The road to God. Re-think Biotechnology firms. The road to cures.

Re-think donations to church. Again re-think insurance agents role. Re-think mortgage loan modifications. Re-think debt elimination! Re-think MOOC.


(MD) You simply call your own insurance agent, refer him to ISOMO. ISOMO will then train, certify him on a MOOC. Our church will pay him a  $6,000 per month salary, once he qualifies to work on-line for you in a state (only 1 MD per state) to generate $300,000 in lending commissions in 3 years to modify, reduce and\or pay off your home mortgage. You simply donate $50,000 to our church Biotech Firm 1st.

ISOMO Church's lending firm goal is to fund a Biotechnology Firm led by a black female to do research & enlist 6,000 agents to promote disease prevention.


Our Church & lending firm uses MOOC & on-line digital training to empower 6,000 agents to provide ISOMO lending products to clients to fund our Biotech Firm. Our church uses MOOC technology to digitally train the agents in commercial lending nationally. Agents can earn up to $12,500 on 1 client. More on many others. In exchange for our extremely generous training and additional income provided to the agent (he keeps his current job), agent promotes our Biotechnolgy Firm.

The PROCESS Summary?

1 MD per state refers his insurance agent on a IPAD to ISOMO to be contracted with our 45+ lenders. The agent offers our lending products to their own clients.


(1) ISOMO pays up to $12,500 to agents on IPADS to sell mortgage elimination to 1 client & to refer our student-loan elimination program to all clients to support Biotech Firm.

(2) ISOMO adds Click now ONDECK. And 45 other top alternative lenders to established agents to sell to their customer bases. Agents promote our Biotech firm.

(3) Add to agents IPAD our Just Do Jesus Mobile app to qualify agent for $6,000 monthly salary to promote our Biotechnology firm & sell digital training products. 

(4) Add to agents IPAD our I Shall Lend Mobile app, (once insurance agent is on $6,000 per month base salary), to market our 45+ commercial lending products too.

(5) Agent earns $300,000 lending income in 3 yrs for 1 MDs per 50 states to pay off MD's mortgage (as a gift for donating $50,000 to church's Biotechnology Firm). 

(6) To begin, ONDECK will loan $50,000 to MD in 2-3 days or (MD can rollover tax-free, 401K into their self-directed IRA to fund a C-Corp) to make the donation to church.

(7) ISOMO Digital Group's MOOC Church Open office in a state and pays a $6,000 per month salary to MD's or another insurance agent to manage it locally.

Come meet our team @ ISOMO's 50 MDs @ Eagles Landing @ New Orleans Proto-type Office.

When? Sunday Morning @ Marriott Hotel across street from proto-type office in New Orleans 10am - 3pm only June 22nd, 2014

Our New Orleans Proto-type State Office is open, staffed & ready to show to only 1 MD per state. 

Only 1 pre-qualified MD per state @ $50,000 & $350 per month shared staffing fees to earn $300,000 commissions.

New Orleans Office is a beautiful complex on 12 Floor on Lake Pontratrain services clients in digital training, lending, tax planning & more for State of Lousiana. 
Dr. Patricia B. Robertson, Certified Investment Banker\commercial lending financer lead clients in strategic income tax planning & MOOC Learning Technologies.
ISOMO Digital Group CFO, a digital learning consultant, multi-disciplinarian, offers panaromic job consulting in insurance, investment, real estate, mortgages too. 

MD calls Mr. Simms to register to come to New Orleans.  After session, MD simply takes out a Lendio or ONDECK loan for $50,000. It is funded in 3 days or less.


One MD per state refers his insurance agent ISOMO. We  assign a state to the agent\MD. Agent does loan(s) to pay $300,000 on MD home.

The MD's agent is provided sales leads by ISOMO in his assigned state. The agent will do 1 $3 million loan x 1% commission = $300,000.


(8) We use MOOCs @ BioTechnology firm as a catalyst to deploy thousands of veterans, young people, seniors, college students to promote disease prevention & cures.




Volunteers from Cure within Reach & the American Center for Cures can't do this work alone and it has taken strong volunteer leaders with specific skills, eager interns and ongoing contributions to build and sustain these powerful, insightful, much needed organization!  ISOMO agents shares this burden too.

350,000,000 people around the globe with 7000 different diseases go to bed every night without hope of ever receiving a treatment for their disease. Cures within Reach is changing this one disease at a time. We are sure that they will love having our church provide professional 6,000 sales agents to be on their team from our MOOC Church members nationally. Maybe our agents, members of healthcare professionals could blog or help them raise awareness on social media? Many may want to help them with IT solutions that allow these organizations committed to cures to touch the lives of more people? ISOMO agents will work to create an event that can raise funds for Rediscovery Research? Join us. Let's work together to create health!

(9) We use 6,000 Church agents & Biotechnology firm to ignite a movement of personal, social & global coherance of heart originated shared wholistic love called Heartmath.


One agent will work with parents & student loan issues, disease prevention, business loans. One agent is assigned to each of 120 school districts per state x 50 states = 6,000 agents.

ISOMO Church agents work in school districts with parents & STUDENTS promoting biotechnology & stress reduction for families. 

1.Our church's life\health insurance agents expose enroll clients in Primary Prevention, health promotion & applied biotechnology with Heartmath & other models.

2. The ISOMO Biotechnology Firm will focus on research and diagnostic solutions created and delivered worldwide to medical facilities around the world for all.

ISOMO Digital Promise MOOC Church loves the HeartMath & other Concepts. We are also......

a strong supporter of the healers of disease. Actual Cures. So our church members will fund establishing a Biotechnology Firm with our agents services.

Jesus healed. He actually cured people. Real People. Real Solutions.  ISOMO will provide real solutions to real problems. So, let's all Just Do Jesus!


Kermit Simms, world's 1st MOOC Pastor & Dr. Patricia Robertson, PHD,  world's 1st MOOC Christian Digital Education Director are ISOMO Co-founders, both certified investment bankers\commercial financiers.

Kermit Simms is the ISOMO MOOC Pastor\co-founder. But he also the joint-venture partner and proto-type agent for ISOMO Co-founder Dr. Patrica Robertson in New Orleans state territory office. Dr. Robertson, who works  full-time as an accomplished Southern publishing scholar in areas of obesity and MOOC Technology Consultant from this office as well. Dr. Robertson donated $50,000 to ISOMO Digital Promise MOOC Church. The church them gifted her the ISOMO state territory lending rights in Lousisiana to pay off her over $300,000 in student loan & research debts. Pastor Simms set up, staffs and operates the New Orleans Office as a passive investment for Dr. Robertson, like we will do for all the other 50 MDs (one per state) who enroll in our lending program to assist in the church member financing of the ISOMO Biotechnology Firm.

All ISOMO entities (church, foundation, holding company, corporations, banks) will establish the ISOMO BIotechnology Firm.

 ISOMO church agents & sponsored Biotechnology firm will support visions of  and American Center for Cures @ Search for Real Cures.


Our current mission is to personally raise funds through church members to finance the start-up of one of the first biotechnology firms headed by a black female.

The CV of the founder\leader of this Biotechnology firm provided upon request. She is cure driven, proven, as many believe, a future noble prize winner.


In order to fund Biotech firm, ISOMO Global Commercial Capital will donate professional services of our designated church members to refinance one $30 million commercial loan in 3 years @ 1% commission = $300,000 of lending income for 1 medical doctor in each of 50 states who donates $50,000 to our church today!

This $300,000 pledge to MD will modify their mortgage by $300,000 or pay it off in 3 yrs. It's our members' gift to a MD who supports our new Biotech Firm now.   Think? Why don't we just give the $300,000 commissions to the Biotech firm directly? We will, after the 3rd year, along with all of our other funding sources.

ISOMO MD's & agents agree to say - "I Share On My  Own".

ISOMO receives 1% commissions on a $30 million commercial lending transactions from Prudential\Wells Fargo\45 others = a $300,000 income.

Why did we select commercial lending"? "The race is not given to the swift, nor battle to the strong.........but time (timing)...happens to us all. It's time to lend. 

 2009 Market VS 2013-2014


2009 Very few, extremely large commercial loans could get done. Today, ISOMO lenders that include Prudential have billions available to refinance buildings.

2014 Today! With ONDECK for smaller loans, yur ISOMO agent is place right in the middle to market all loans of top lenders like Carlton Group & Prudential too.


Your assigned ISOMO agent will be authorized by ISOMO Global Lending Group to market the largest commerical loans in the state from Prudential, Wells Fargo 

$1.4 trillion of commercial loans must be refinanced 2014 - 2018 in all 50 states. Click here for proof.

Let's Recap ISOMO Strategy

ISOMO Co-Founders K. Simms & Dr. Patricia Robertson, PHD, both certified investment bankers and commercial lending financiers will lead their hearts & church members hearts to donate up to $300,000 of commission income in 3 years from our lending firm to 1 Medical doctor per state. Why?

Our goal is to pay off or down their home mortgage as a gift for MD $50,000 donation x 50 = $2.5 million capital to our church designed to establish ISOMO Biotechnology Firm. It will be owned\headed by a top black female scientist, one of the best in the world. Some say, a possible future nobel peace prize winner. Join our quest to move the best of the science of Biotechnology to research & share disease prevention & possible cures globally.

If you are interested in being one MD for a state territory,

You must attend our ISOMO Proto-type Office 1 day MOOC Seminar 


ISOMO Global Medical Commercial Lending Proto-type Overview for a State Territory Office.


Why An ISOMO Biotechnology Firm?

ISOMO Biotechnology & Diagnostic Institute will provide extremely intuitive, predictive diagnostic solutions to medical facilities across continents where there is a great need. Our reach will be in the Americas, the Carribean & across the continent of Africa. 

A Biotechnology firm led by a black female? Not because she is black, but her vision, message, passion & track record declare the world needs her work now!



Where Are Your Offices That I Can Get These Type Financial Solutions?

We listed the 4 offices that are opened above in Atlanta, New Orelans, Nashville and Jackson. But our MOOC Headquarters will open an office in all 50 states.

ISOMO Digital Promise MOOC Church's Atlanta National Headquarters (Opening Sept 2014)


9/24/14 ISOMO Dgital MOOC Church national HQ launches our MOOC to Mobile App Program to 1 insurance agent in each of 120 school districts per 50 states.  3 offices are open now. One in Nashville for TN territory. One in Jackson for Mississippi territory. One in New Orleans for Louisiana territory. All availabe for sale.

How do we pay $2,000 per month housing allowances to clients, agents, church members and a $4,000 per month salary to sales agents on IPAD in schools?

Introducing our 2 mobile apps! Our Just Do Jesus Mobile App @ and I Shall Lend Mobile App @ 

Announcing a unique MOOC to Mobile App Church funded
ISOMO Biotechnology Firm Pre-launch Strategy.
Our on the ground strategy is to empower 120 life and health insurance agents in 50 states = 6,000 agents with $12,500 in commissions on our mutual fund alternative and home mortgage alternative products. Our church will also provide housing allowances of $2,000 - $6,000 per month to the 6,000 agents nationally who agree to promote the message of our ISOMO Biotechnology Firm of disease preventation and healthy lifestyles in the 120 targeted school districts per state.


ISOMO utilizes state of art digital, blended learning technology to up-train one agent in 50 states x 120 districts = 6,000 national sub-agents to be contracted to generate medical finance income and insurance income for only the one MD per state territory.

If interested call only Mr. Simms @ 404-990-1999 for a personal interview.


The ISOMO Digital Promise MOOC Church sponsored ISOMO biotechnology firm is headed by one of the most accomplished Belize-Black American female biotechnology scientists in the world, a future nobel peace prize winner. Her CV provided upon request. 
Each of the 50 MD's are to donate $50,000 to ISOMO Biotechnology firm = $2.5 million to be used to assist in the strenghtening of this Belize-Black American female lead biotechnology firm. Again, ISOMO Global Commercial Lending professionals will pledge up to $300,000 of their commercial lending commissions to pay off or modify the home mortgage of 1 MDs in each of the 50 states in 3 years, who simply donates $50,000 to the launching of ISOMO Biotechnology Firm this year. Why we use lending commissions?

"Duet 15:6 God said to the church "You shall lend unto many nations". Our goal is to launch the biotechnology firm without any bank debt instruments. We want to give the firm the necessary time to grow into a history making institution with a strong scientific research team upfront without debt. The MD's give money to church. In exchange our ISOMO church members give of their professional services of earned commercial lending commissions to MD's.


ISOMO means "I Share On My Own"
ISOMO Digital MOOC Church recognizes that in today's world lending funds all visions with debt instruments. Loans like student loans, credit cards, home mortgages car notes rule. But, the vision of ISOMO MOOC Church is to establish a Biotechnology Firm  initially with no debt by simply sharing our church members services on only 1 large commercial lending loan to be able to share $300,000 of debt elimimination services with 1 MD who simply shares $50,000 donation to fund a black female Biotechnnolgy Firm.
The Bible @ 3 John 1:3 "Beloved, I wish above all things that you prosper, be in health, even as your soul prospers".  
Both Jesus and MDs concern themselves with aiding in the on-going healing of the human body. MD's' Just Do Jesus.


Call Mr. Simms @ 404-990-1999. Please consider, coming to New Orleans to  see our proto-type office. Mr. Simms and our proto-type of Louisiana, the honorable Dr. Patricia Robertson, PHD are going back to work now in their regular jobs full-time :). They both have taken off a whole lot of time over the last 2 years to build a team to develop this Bible based lending program, mortgage modification and student loan elimination program.


Coming on September 24, 2014 

ISOMO Biotechnology Firm National Marketing Team of 6,000 IPAD Reps. 
One insurance\lending agent on IPAD in homes in 120 school districts x 50 states also sharing ISOMO's biotechnology.
 (1) Just Do Jesus $6,000 per month base salary Mobile App  (2). I Shall Lend Mobile App. 
ISOMO Biotechnology message will be delivered to 1 agent @ 120 school districts in 50 states = 6,000 agents:
All on ISOMO Mobile Apps distributed directly from Atlanta to IPADS to 6,000 ISOMO "micro-theaters".
Just Do Jesus Mobile & I Shall Lend Mobile App (Micro-Theaters).
The Just Do Jesus & I Shall Lend Mobile App Combo will promote a Black female lead Biotechnology firm using MOOCS & social media strategies. We repeat again. Please join us!
This will be the world's 1st MOOC church promoting lending, wealth, health & wellness globally.
It is time on an ISOMO Mobile app to JUST Do JESUS. What Did Jesus Do?
Jesus charged Peter for tax solutions.  So will we. Jesus ran the bankers out of his temple. So will we. Jesus feed the multi-tudes. So will we. We give them jobs. 
What jobs? As ISOMO Digital Missionaries. What did Jesus Do? Jesus recruited 12 Apostles to share. So should you! We will share $2,000 per month with you.
Who trained your life insurance, health insurance and\or lending banker or broker. You can choose to continue listening to your agent alone or possibly........
Or you can Just Do Jesus by enrolling 12 Apostles of ISOMO messages. Or just let the banks keep charging you 80% per month in interest on your mortgage. 
Enroll 12 people on the Just Do Jesus Mobile App. Our church will save you from your monthly mortgage payment with a $2,000 per month housing allowance. 

This is just History in the Making! Again we ask only 1 MD per state to donate $50,000. ISOMO designated lending members will donate $300,000 of our professional services to you. Join us!

To qualify church members up to $6,000 base salaries is mobile app (1) & to qualify professionals for salaries is (2). 

Call Mr. Simms @ 404-990-1999 to claim the territory rights to this limited commercial lending commissions from 1 state to pay off\down 1 MD's home.

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